West Virginia Governor`s Mansion

West Virginia Governor`s Mansion

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Located in Charleston, West Virginia, is a stately mansion reserved for the governor and his family. The magnificent building, called the Governor’s Mansion, conforms to the classic Georgian Revival architecture.The 30-room structure was designed by a Charleston-based architect named Walter F. The building was constructed in 1925.The Governor's Mansion, overlooking the Kanawha River, is part of the Capitol Complex and houses many fine artifacts, most of which are of 19th-century vintage.The rooms on the first floor are open for the general public. The mansion was constructed using Harvard-red colonial bricks with the portico being embellished with white columns.Each of the mansion’s rooms stands out in its own. The flooring is done by alternating black Belgium and white Tennessee marble tiles.The Living Room boasts some exquisite antiques. Other antiques include a century-old Chinese screen, a Baldwin cherrywood piano, crystal chandeliers, and a pair of Sevres urns belonging to the 1765-era.The Library is patterned after a traditional room. White walnut paneling done in the Georgian style embellishes this room.The Dining Room contains a large 18th-century mahogany dining table measuring 14 feet in length. The sideboard holds a sterling silver tea service made by Cartier’s of Paris, and two large cone-shaped knife urns made of mahogany.The Ballroom features a mantel that was acquired from an Irish castle.

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