Congress Members Who Voted Against the 2002 Iraq War

Congress Members Who Voted Against the 2002 Iraq War

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The directionless Iraq War has killed over 4,100 U.S. soldiers, wounded or maimed more than 200,000 more, and delivered a devastating blow to our country's reputation and moral authority. It's time we honor the members of Congress who voted in 2002 to prevent the Bush administration's hasty rush into an unprovoked attack and occupation of Iraq.

Voter Breakdown

The dramatic, much-debated vote on Joint Resolution 114 was taken on Oct. 11, 2002. It passed the Senate by a vote of 77 to 23, and the House of Representatives by a vote of 296 to 133. In the end, 156 members of Congress from 36 states had enough information and personal insight and wisdom to make the correct decision for our nation and the world community.

Six House Republicans and one Independent joined 126 Democratic members of the House of Representatives in voting NAY. In the Senate, 21 Democrats, one Republic, and one Independent courageously voted their consciences in 2002 against the War in Iraq. These discerning, courageous leaders are exactly what our country needs to lead us out of the present abyss in Iraq under the Bush Administration. We can trust their judgment!

Voting Record

This convenient list is organized by state, and features all 156 members of Congress who voted NAY to the War in Iraq, including their political affiliations.

AlabamaRepEarl HilliardDretired from office
ArizonaRepEd PastorD
ArkansasRepVic SnyderD
CaliforniaSenBarbara BoxerD
CaliforniaRepJoe BacaD
CaliforniaRepXavier BecerraD
CaliforniaRepLois CappsD
CaliforniaRepGary ConditD
CaliforniaRepSusan DavisD
CaliforniaRepAnna EshooD
CaliforniaRepSam FarrD
CaliforniaRepBob FilnerD
CaliforniaRepMike HondaD
CaliforniaRepBarbara LeeD
CaliforniaRepZoe LofgrenD
CaliforniaRepRobert MatsuiDdeceased
CaliforniaRepJuanita Millender-McDonaldD
CaliforniaRepGeorge MillerD
CaliforniaRepGrace NapolitanoD
CaliforniaRepNancy PelosiD
CaliforniaRepLucille Roybal-AllardD
CaliforniaRepLoretta SanchezD
CaliforniaRepHilda SolisD
CaliforniaRepPete StarkD
CaliforniaRepMike ThompsonD
CaliforniaRepMaxine WatersD
CaliforniaRepDiane WatsonD
CaliforniaRepLynn WoolseyD
ColoradoRepDiana DeGetteD
ColoradoRepMark UdallD
ConnecticutRepRosa DeLauroD
ConnecticutRepJohn LarsonD
ConnecticutRepJames MaloneyD
FloridaSenBob GrahamD
FloridaRepCorrine BrownD
FloridaRepAlice HastingsD
FloridaRepCarrie MeekDretired from office
GeorgiaRepJohn LewisD
GeorgiaRepCynthia McKinneyD
HawaiiSenDaniel AkakaD
HawaiiSenDaniel InouyeD
HawaiiRepNeil AbercrombieD
IllinoisSenDick DurbinD
IllinoisSenBobby RushD
IllinoisRepJerry CostelloD
IllinoisRepDanny DavisD
IllinoisRepLane EvansD
IllinoisRepLuis GutierrezD
IllinoisRepJesse Jackson Jr.D
IllinoisRepBill LipinskiDretired from office
IllinoisRepJan SchakowskyD
IndianaRepJulia CarsonD
IndianaRepJohn HostettlerR
IndianaRepPete ViscloskyD
IowaRepJim LeachR
MaineRepTom AllenD
MarylandSenBarbara MikulskiD
MarylandSenPaul SarbanesD
MarylandRepBenjamin CardinD
MarylandRepElijah CummingsD
MarylandRepConnie MorellaD
MassachusettsSenTed KennedyD
MassachusettsRepMichael CapuanoD
MassachusettsRepBill DelahuntD
MassachusettsRepBarney FrankD
MassachusettsRepJim McGovernD
MassachusettsRepRichard NealD
MassachusettsRepJohn OlverD
MassachusettsRepJohn TierneyD
MichiganSenCarl LevinD
MichiganSenDebbie StabenowD
MichiganRepDavid BoniorD
MichiganRepJohn Conyers Jr.D
MichiganRepJohn DingellD
MichiganRepDale KildeeD
MichiganRepCarolyn Cheeks KilpatrickD
MichiganRepSandy LevinD
MichiganRepLynn RiversD
MichiganRepBart StupakD
MinnesotaSenMark DaytonD
MinnesotaSenPaul WellstoneDdeceased
MinnesotaRepBetty McCollumD
MinnesotaRepJim OberstarD
MinnesotaRepMartin Olav SaboD
MississippiRepBennie ThompsonD
MissouriRepWilliam Clay Jr.D
MIssouriRepKaren McCarthyDretired from office
New JerseySenJon CorzineD
New JerseyRepRush HoltD
New JerseyRepRobert MenendezD
New JerseyRepFrank Pallone JrD
New JerseyRepDonald PayneD
New MexicoSenJeff BingamanD
New MexicoRepTom UdallD
New YorkRepMaurice HincheyD
New YorkRepAmo HoughtonR
New YorkRepJohn LaFalceD
New YorkRepGregory MeeksD
New YorkRepJerrold NadlerD
New YorkRepMajor OwensD
New YorkRepCharles RangelD
New YorkRepJose SerranoD
New YorkRepLouise SlaughterD
New YorkRepEdolphus TownsD
New YorkRepNydia VelazquezD
North CarolinaRepEva ClaytonDretired from office
North CarolinaRepDavid PriceD
North CarolinaRepMelvin WattD
North DakotaSenKent ConradD
OhioRepSherrod BrownD
OhioRepStephanie Tubbs JonesD
OhioRepMarcy KapturD
OhioRepDennis KucinichD
OhioRepThomas SawyerD
OhioRepTed StricklandD
OregonSenRon WydenD
OregonRepEarl BlumenauerD
OregonRepPeter DeFazioD
OregonRepDarlene HooleyD
OregonRepDavid WuD
PennsylvaniaRepRobert BradyD
PennsylvaniaRepWilliam CoyneDretired from office
PennsylvaniaRepMike DoyleD
PennsylvaniaRepChaka FattahD
Rhode IslandSenLincoln ChafeeD
Rhode IslandSenJack ReedD
Rhode IslandRepJames LangevinD
South CarolinaRepGresham BarrettR
South CarolinaRepJames ClyburnD
TennesseeRepJohn Duncan JrR
TexasRepLloyd DoggettD
TexasRepCharles GonzalezD
TexasRepRuben HinojosaD
TexasRepSheila Jackson-LeeD
TexasRepEddie Bernice JohnsonD
TexasRepRon PaulR
TexasRepSilvestre ReyesD
TexasRepCiro RodriguezDretired from office
VermontSenJim JeffordsD
VermontSenPatrick LeahyD
VermontRepBernie SandersI
VirginiaRepJim MoranD
VirginiaRepBobby ScottD
WashingtonSenPatty MurrayD
WashingtonRepJay InsleeD
WashingtonRepRick LarsenD
WashingtonRepJim McDermottD
District of ColumbiaRepBrian BairdD
West VirginiaSenRobert ByrdD
West VirginiaRepAlan MollohanD
West VirginiaRepNick RahallD
WisconsinSenRuss FeingoldD
WisconsinRepTammy BaldwinD
WisconsinRepJerry KleczkaDretired from office
WisconsinRepDavid ObeyD

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