Mercy Memorial Health Center

Mercy Memorial Health Center

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Originally called Memorial Hospital of Southern Oklahoma, Mercy Memorial Health Center was built in 1955 by the Southern Oklahoma Memorial Foundation.In August 1996, this full-service tertiary hospital became a part of the Sisters of Mercy Health System.Mercy Memorial is the home to the only wound care center in southern Oklahoma. Services are offered in a variety of specialization areas including behavior medicine, gynecology, radiation therapy and oncology.In addition, this community hospital has outstanding level II emergency, rehabilitation and home health services.The Social Services Department at the hospital involves in all aspects of holistic care. A series of psychosocial services such as crisis intervention, situational counseling, specialized discharge planning, and liaison with agencies in the community are offered.Spiritual care is available through the Good Shepherd Chapel, located on the first floor. Further, Mercy Memorial operates four primary care clinics at Davis, Ratcliff City, Tishomingo, and Wilson.

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